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Empty Nest

In the neighborhood where I lived not so long ago, we had our own Bald Eagles' nest.  It is invisible from the ground.  It's possible that the people living in the houses at the base of the tree are unaware of its presence.  These days, if you own property that hosts an eagle's nest, you might not be allowed to build there.  In this case, the houses were there first.  The birds came and built a nest right over them.  Seattle hosts several nesting pairs within the city limits.  It might be a myth that eagles won't tolerate humans living in their nesting areas. If you know where to go and look, the nest can be observed, but it still isn't easy.  You must venture onto private property.  My neighbor kept me up to date on the goings-on there with reports and photos.  We knew there were two youngsters in the nest this year. In early morning August 1, I returned to the old neighborhood.  I went hiking on Kiket Island in the Kukutali Preserve.  It's common to

City Folk

Since I last posted here, I moved to a new house.  I am now living in Anacortes, right in the middle of the city.  Interestingly, this place doesn't seem to be any less wild than the rural location where I was before.  This doe and fawn are just one of the families that pass through here every day.  These are indigenous Columbian Black-tailed Deer , Odocoileus hemionus columbianis .  I had just come home from a hike and spotted them in the cul-de-sac in front of my house.  I took this photo from the car. Here's a shot taken through my living room window the other day.  She just decided to take a rest in back yard.  I regularly see two does with fawns, one with twins and one with a single offspring.  I also see one with no offspring, and this may be her. Then, there was this guy that passed through the back yard early this morning.  I have motion-activated video cameras around the house that are catching a lot of the goings-on when I'm not looking. Here'