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Northern Rough-winged Swallow

Last Tuesday I went hiking and picture-taking at the Kukutali Preserve .  I headed out to the far end of the beach off Flagstaff Island to check on the Black Oystercatchers .  I noticed a pair of brown birds sticking together on the root of a large driftwood tree.  They would fly up occasionally, then return to their perches on the root.  When they flew, they resembled swallows, but when perching, I didn't recognize what they were. They steadfastly kept their backs turned to me.  This was frustrating my efforts to get a decent photo.  One of them held possible nesting material in its beak.  The story was emerging.  They were building a nest nearby, but did not want to reveal its location to me.  For as long as I stayed on the beach, they would stick to their perches on that root with their backs turned. I got a few shots (of their backs) then left so as not to disturb them any more.  When I got home, I took a good look at the photos to try and ID them.  I discovered they

A Wary Eye

I was back hiking at the Kukutali Preserve today.  While crossing the tombolo to Kiket Island, I met this Colombian Black-tailed Deer (Odocoileus hemionus columbianus) .  Our local indigenous deer, they are a subspecies of Mule Deer.  While I was hiking in, she was heading in the opposite direction on the beach next to the tombolo. It is not uncommon to spot deer on beaches around here.  Those that pass through my yard are usually heading to the beach.  I suspect they go there to add a little salt to their diet. We didn't stop to chat.  In this case, I believe she detoured to the beach when she spotted me.  From her expression and brisk pace, I could tell she was not happy with the encounter.  Once we passed, she climbed up to the tombolo road behind me and we each went our separate ways.