Pine White Butterfly

Pine White Butterfly (Neophasia menapia)
Over at Google+ I am following some great wildlife photographers.  I have been envying all the wonderful shots of butterflies I have seen posted there.  The Lepidoptera are favorite photo subjects.  Now, such as it is, I have finally gotten one of my own.

This is a Pine White Butterfly (Neophasia menapia) enjoying some Russian Sage.  This little fellow was very camera shy.  He (she?) was already airborne when I managed to catch this one quick shot.  Their range is southern British Columbia and Alberta, and down through the western states.  One source indicates that they are "absent from northwest coastal forests."  Well, I happen to live at the edge of one those, so obviously, this photo contradicts that statement.

I believe my yard suffers from lepidoptepenia.  I rarely see any butterflies at all.  Despite the fact that I have chosen plants for the garden known to attract them, they just don't come calling.  I think I should be seeing all of these, but no such luck.  Dragonflies are also rare here.  I have wondered if the often breezy seashore conditions are a deterrent.  I would appreciate hearing from anyone who can explain this.