Hatching a New Wildlife Blog

Welcome.  This blog is an offspring and the parent is Fidalgo Island Crossings.  About a month ago, I acquired a BirdCam.  The device automatically photographs birds coming to feeders in its range of vision.  It began to produce results immediately.  It was soon apparent that the BirdCam photos might take over the blog entirely.  The site was beginning to stray from its primary weather theme and lose its focus.  Thus, Wild Fidalgo was hatched.  This website will explore the wildlife found on and around Fidalgo Island, Washington USA.  The island is located smack-dab in the center of the Salish Sea Ecosystem.  This is one of the most diverse and prolific wildlife habitats in North America.  Enjoy your visit here and check back often for new posts.


  1. Dave, great move. The photos are really nice. The camera appears to be of a high quality - resolution and colors are very nice. Do you run the images through a photo processing program? If so, which one?

  2. I think this will be a great blog for you. Love the title. You do have so much wildlife in and around your area you can share. I know how blogs can wonder in different directions sometimes. That's why I was glad starting new here at blogger so I could branch off into 2 blogs. One just on Nature and the other more just on everyday life at the ranch. I am stilling reblogging a lot from spaces. Which works fine now as just having had time to put much new out well except yesterday to vent some. Have with your new place here. Hugs Carrie


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