Camera Ham

Douglas Squirrel (Tamiasciurus douglasii)

On a recent visit to West Beach in Deception Pass State Park, I checked out a familiar grove of Shore Pines next to the parking lot.  As I walked around the grove peering in, sure enough, up pops an old friend, the Douglas Squirrel we have seen here before.  I was sure he recognized me, but that would probably be wishful thinking.

He was looking even grayer than he did in January.  By late spring, his coat will return to a deep sable brown.  A distinct black lateral band on the sides will divide the brown from the orange belly fur.

Most remarkable about this encounter were his antics.  He moved from limb to limb in the grove as if he wanted to lead me around and show me things.  Naturally, I followed.  Then he would stop for a moment to pose for a photo like a red-carpet celebrity.  I have posted one of those moments here.  He appeared to enjoy the rendezvous as much as I did.

After about twenty minutes of this tête-à-tête, it was time to go home.  I left the park with another memorable wildlife experience.