Heron in Haiku

A great blue heron
Softly singing like the tides
Taking flight with me

Heron in the marsh
Moves silently with the earth
Welcoming the sun

The blue heron speaks
You are laughing at the rain
I know this is home

Morning blue heron
Takes flight warmly with the dawn
Spirit of this place

Waiting blue heron
She is speaking for the earth
Awakening us

Sunrise on the marsh
Blue heron greeting the dawn
Taking flight with her

Tranquil blue heron
The tides speaking with the earth
The song of moonlight

Heron in the mist
Whispers softly like the dawn
The name of the earth

Blue heron at dawn
Tells a story to the tides
The song of the earth

Misty yellow sun
Awakening with the marsh
A heron takes flight

Ripple in the marsh
The dawn shifting to the past
Heron awakens

Resting blue heron
The sea smiling with the day
Taking flight with him

The visitor speaks
Awakening like the sun
I know what we are

Visiting a Great Blue Heron in the tidal marshes of the Skagit River Delta.


  1. A still blue heron
    resting beside a small stream
    What does it see here?

    Ha, haiku inspired by a photo on a blog post of mine from a few weeks ago. Love all the haiku, did you write them yourself?:)

  2. NITB, They really are.

    Jill, very nice. Thanks for adding your verse. Since I haven't seen the word baloney here, I'll admit to writing the verses in the post. I have also been posting some here and there at Tumblr: http://fidalgolight.tumblr.com/

  3. A true left brain-right brain blogger! Kudos Dave.

  4. Hey! If you can come up with haiku like that, you oughtta come over to my blog on weekends and share some! I need some more haikuers (and limerickists)!

  5. Jill, sometimes I worry if I am stepping where I don't belong. Hello Patricia. Thanks for stopping by. I have been known to post one on your blog now and then. Here is the latest considering Pacific Chorus Frogs:

  6. You're not only a fine photographer, but poet too!


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