Autumn Blue Heron
She is dancing with the wind
Taking flight with me

Skagit River Delta, Fir Island, Washington

Quiet visitor
Softly singing with the wind
Music of the earth

Skagit Bay, South Fidalgo Island, Washington


  1. Too long sitting now
    in front of the computer
    Time to get outside!

  2. A flying heron
    glimpsed while I was driving home
    inspired a smile.

  3. Patricia and Jill
    So pleased you stopped by my blog
    My best to you both

  4. I love your words along with your photos. I still have our resident blue heron at our place. I only see the male. There was a very short period there was a female here, but no longer see her. Hope you are having a wonderful fall. Hugs Carrie


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