Robin Thinks He's a Shorebird

On Labor Day, I took a nice long hike up the beach into Similk Bay.  I never know what I will encounter on my beachcombing treks.  I certainly did not expect to find this American Robin (Turdus migratorius).  He was busy patrolling the driftwood that had collected along the shoreline.

Silly Robin!  You don't belong on the beach.  This is the place for Gulls and Oystercatchers and Northwestern Crows.  Canada Geese, Ravens and Herons use this place.  Sandpipers and Killdeer live here.  It's not for thrushes like you.  Your place is open woods, forest edges and meadows, gardens and city parks.  You should not be hopping around the driftwood on a salt water beach.

Well, look at this.  You found a tasty bug in the rotted center of that driftwood stump.  You have also been getting into those ripe blackberries growing along the shore.  I can tell by the stains on your beak.  I guess you belong here after all.  You must be smarter than the average Robin.


  1. Dave- I am observing Hermit Thrushes at Grand View Cemetery in Anacortes. Yesterday 3 were on the ground and 1 flew to a more completely open area. The actions of the H. Thrush are quite different than the Swainson's Thrush, at least in fall and winter; than is Swainson's in spring and summer.
    Which brings to mind the behavior of goshawks compared to Cooper's Hawk. The Goshawk will take to the sky often and daily- while the Cooper's does not care to leave the trees and greenery, but does , of course, during migration. The best- nelson briefer- goshawk specialist- Anacortes, WA.


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