A Wary Eye

Columbian Black-tailed Deer

I was back hiking at the Kukutali Preserve today.  While crossing the tombolo to Kiket Island, I met this Colombian Black-tailed Deer (Odocoileus hemionus columbianus).  Our local indigenous deer, they are a subspecies of Mule Deer.  While I was hiking in, she was heading in the opposite direction on the beach next to the tombolo.

It is not uncommon to spot deer on beaches around here.  Those that pass through my yard are usually heading to the beach.  I suspect they go there to add a little salt to their diet.

We didn't stop to chat.  In this case, I believe she detoured to the beach when she spotted me.  From her expression and brisk pace, I could tell she was not happy with the encounter.  Once we passed, she climbed up to the tombolo road behind me and we each went our separate ways.


  1. Bloody hell Dave that's a cracking shot - well done! I tend to focus on the littler critters (as they abound in my neck of the woods) - but that's just beautiful - cheers for the post :) Paul from GardenGuests

  2. Thank you Paul. Coming from you that is a real complement and much appreciated. It's understandable why you don't go stalking those "salties." ;-) Thanks again.


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