"Ahh, now for some good sunflower see....What the...?"

I thought I would try some safflower seed at the BirdCam.  I read that the squirrels and starlings don't like the taste.  The Eastern Gray Squirrels have been getting a little greedy at the BirdCam lately.  Sure enough, one of my resident Grays showed up right on schedule expecting to find sunflower seeds.  When a squirrel gets angry, it flicks its tail up and down:

"OK, who's getting cute with my snacks?"

If nothing else, squirrels are persistent.  We use the word "dogged" for tenacious stubbornness, but "squirrelled" would work just as well, aside from its meaning to hoard:

"I know there are sunflower seeds here somewhere."

The ploy seems to be working, but the squirrels still check back occasionally, I guess, to see if I changed my mind:

"Oh please, please, please may I have some sunflower seeds?"

While the squirrels might be disappointed, several of my regular birds seem to be enjoying the new fare.  These include Juncos, Towhees, Song Sparrows, English Sparrows and Mourning Doves.  When summer comes, I hope to attract some of the rarer birds, Crossbills and Grossbeaks, with safflower seeds.