My neighbor sent me this photo for help with identification.  I know it's a Flycatcher, but I am not sure what kind it is.  The photo was shot on South Fidalgo Island at the northern end of Puget Sound in Washington State.  My best guess is Pacific-slope Flycatcher (Empidonax difficilis) but that is only a guess.  Can anyone help identify this Flycatcher?  My neighbor and I thank you for your help.

UPDATE:  In comments to the post, both Dan McShane and Jill's friend Ian Paulsen have confirmed that this is indeed a Pacific-slope Flycatcher.  I also contacted the Seattle Audubon Society and this was their response:
...I believe I agree with you that the photo is of a Pacific-slope Flycatcher.  As you know they can be notoriously difficult to i.d., but this one so nicely shows a slight crest, an eye-ring that tapers to the back of the head (or The white eye-ring extends to the back in a teardrop shape. ), and the buffy wing-bars of the juvenile.
Seattle Audubon publishes the great BirdWeb site featuring the birds of Washington State.  I use this site a lot for identification and information about the birds I see.

So there you have it.  I have gotten into trouble trying to ID birds on my own by leafing through books or searching websites.  It's great to get some expert help.  My neighbor Dan Codd and I thank everyone for their assistance.

Photo:  Dan Codd


  1. I have my ace bird guy on it! Shared the link on his FB page.

  2. Pacific-slope flycatcher per Ian Paulsen of Bainbridge.

  3. Thanks everyonefor stopping by and weighing in on the ID of this Flycatcher. It looks like we have confirmed it to be a Pacific-slope Flycatcher.

  4. What a pretty photo! I am jealous of those who can photograph birds so well. I feel I am too impatient.


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